Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Truth about life

Got another shocking news from some friend and ofcoz in this era u can find everything through facebook.

He is Dominic Kok he was 24 this year and was just passed away by battling cancer for quite sometime now. This is 6th or 7th friend i heard tat passed away this 2 years alone. my gosh most of them were so young but yes life is fragile but its ironic ppl doesnt realise a thing until one bad thing is really happening to them in instance. People always come and go come and go there is 6.8 billion people in the world even when u didnt notice there is million of ppl already died a year due to suffering yet people will only care what matters to them, we do not live in the earth alone by instead of earning big bucks why dun we spend a little of our time to give what we could? How many people actually help old senior citizen/handicapp person cross the road when they really need one? This shows how human nature was and as far as i concern in this world there is not only economy alone. How many of us really been a good deed for once in their life?

i havta admit i was among the majority but i always have this thoughts on giving what i could to the people in need. U see the people in africa was devastated by war by poverty and living in fear and we have our comfy chair and expensive gadgets and yet complain that we still having not enough of all this bleesing? For instance some might have a gucci bag and yet complain LV or hermes was better than that oh yeah ure so damm right some ppl living in the poverty would be happy if they have own a bag in their life.

Im taking an example lets say human life expentancy was 100 years old. Are we sure that we could fully utilise even 50 years of our life to do something that we really feel proud of? maybe 10% of them really did so but the rest was still complaining constant about the wants but they really forgot what is the difference between the NEED and WANTS!

Im not writing story based on once upon a time and blablabla and i never fancy that kinda story but yes happily ever after story has always caught the attention of the majority and why?and has it always associated with material based ending? because when one was happy of what they got they would never give a shit about those stuff.

I will repeat it once more If life was a 100 years long, how would u utilise it? it all depends on personal judgement and its always subjective but try to think positively even when u think ure in deep shit think again or else life is useless even u have 1000 years of life to live.

guess i will make my point until this part. thanks!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Current life and ongoing stuff

It's been a very long time since i update my blog and i think its has been more than a year since i did so. OK so im gotta write something up since suddenly i feel tat i wanted to be creative on my own blog.

Time has passed by in a split of a second and i wasn't the one that is i used to be for example drinking,clubbing and those life has been stopped and hell yeah it feel good with ever and starting to know what is life and what matters most. Of cause with the companion with my very good best friend Mr Edison, Miss Rain, Mr Ken Lim Meng Yit, Mr fei fei and many people more really make this few months of my life seems cheerful than i was before thanks to u guys for doing so and thanks for hearing me out and sharing things.
Over this few months time line we have been going to many places randomly for example we went Ipoh just like that, Muar, Genting and many many places more that u could think we already there before. I'm really happy to have what im having right now and i feel glad.

It was the time u remember in your life for a very very long time and one day u look at those pictures of yours and remember stupid things that we have done before. xD

Things do changed alot people has started to change some has really grown mature some has really degrade them as childish as posible but i can't judge someone based on my own minority opinions. But 1 thing i couldnt stand is still people who thinks im fool by trying to call me so called bro or sister that treat i'm a freaking ah mat. i can be ah mat(driver) but for certain people only especially for my goyang members only for your info if u need a lift why don't u take ur own cab i do not get any form of wages from u and i don't take command from u fools. U don't take things for granted. Sorry for my language if i have offended anyone over there.

I been thinking about my career path as well for this few months and i know it was abit late but i wanted to be a Commercial Pilot and i have this passion for flying for years already. I have consulted few flying school MFA,HM aerospace and i would required 5 credits including Maths, Science and English and damm i screw this up during my secondary. My Plan of a redo will be on from anytime and im darn serious about it. Prehaps i would get a degree first so would proceed this dream of mine. It's never silly to dream about something. Its silly when u dream about something and let it slips away without doing anything. There is some students in the Flying academy is even 35 to 40 years old and im only 21 yes i know i was never too late to persue this career of mine. I wont stop trying no matter how long it takes if i wanted to do it i will 1 day eventually. Thanks for my friend that support my direction instead and i will work extra hard not only wont let u people down and of cause myself down and most importantly my family.
Career is my main priority!!!

Days seems brighter than before and why didn't i ever noticed it before? how silly am i !!!
thanks for my friends that has been on my side on my toughest stage of my life im sincerely appreciated of what u been has done to me and also thanks for people who has once fool me before but there is always one word saying "Fool me once,Shame on You Fool me twice shame on me" i will remember it throughly.

Thanks and i will update this blog from time to time.

Monday, September 1, 2008

time to update..

ok to keep it rather than too boring gotta update once in awhile.
i think nth special to be update over here la..and been busy over the holiday?
maybe la keluar macam gila money habis macam gila im seriously broke but should i write things like this on the blog?no?
haha ok back on the main stuff i guess the coll has just started and not very unusual la since its a short sem it will onli last 7 weeks maybe 6 weeks+ now will onli be taking 2 sub this time i guess wanna take a break to avoid stressing out summore yet goin to china and hk wont be goin to class like 2 weeks its like 4 weeks in long sem so no point taking too much and end up failling it
luckily holiday didnt turn out to be too boring la this time haha =p
actually i dunno wat i should write over here also wasnt feeling any ups and any downs recently everything is as usual la. juz hope that this sem will end fast den can continue work den earn extra cash to mod my car hehe tats all thank you.
dun shoot me if u find it not interesting enough hehe =)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

juz messing around

now is 4am yet cant sleep so was juz messing around
bagi muka sikit 1st time blog apa pun tak tau need to bulk up
i think i got insomnia la been very common since high sch life sleep when i arent suppose to sleep awake when i arent suppose to awake shit
i was freaking tired yet i cant seem to sleep this feeling is like shit
haha anyway went to faces of malaysia today to support jie jie thanks for asking me go really banyak chicks HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA i love PR man

Monday, August 18, 2008

First time Blogging experience

it was my first time blogging in any sort of blog and since i neva tried it hence im juz trying it out
well i just finish my exam today well doesnt seems like a good day for me as i might screwed up in my paper this time around
Last Saturday night was at poppy celebrating Wei Yin's was feeling abit bad coz didnt really make her night into something she would remember for quite sometime
it was chaos tat nite ,there were ppl fighting gang fight ppl was bleed in the whole head i dun understand why now youngsters go club just to have a fight and what the purpose of showing it and fight over at small issue?control their own cool should be the right thing to do to avoid unnecessary troubles
i guess im sorry for Wei Yin was planning to make a second round for her around even though it's a belated
Maybe blogging is some sort of ways for ppl to release their feelings hence i don't know why that someone in coll which i dunwan to mention her name and whose was that and better off didn't read this blog as i'm not someone who keep grudges and that she has the thought of saying that i said bad about her i was fine if she tell me whose tat source which i don't believe it exist
Sometimes things that i like or dun like i will keep among myself if i dun like i will try to use the alternative to make it the other way around as i believe things won't turn ugly well i dunwan to make too much on some comments which wasn't really positive and get experience from mistakes that is vital or crucial

alrightz i'm stopping until here and will update from time to time